What's around us

Treffpunkt 5300 Hostel is tucked in a small residential street of Puerto Princesa City but it is not that far from the main places and establishments that you would want to check out.

If you want food, you can walk to the next Filipino, French, Italian restaurants in 5-10mins.  

As for the night, the talked-about Tiki Bar (the only one) is just a 10Php trike ride away but go there when it is really late.  If you want to chill, Gypsy's Lair offers a good cosy place with acoustic music.  Kataboom is also one of our top picks.

Our team members must have their own favorite places, so feel free to get their personal take on these places.

And if you are looking for a place to work, check out our other place, Heideland, if you need good internet connection and lots of coffee.

Ka Lui is a MUST-TRY restaurant.  Reservations are recommended.  Just approach us if you need assistance.

They have a set menu that is enough for 2 people at ~700Php (~14Eur).

*Special thanks to Paul, our WorkAwayer, for providing us with the map.

Let's go to Heideland!

We will be opening  our bar, cafe and kitchen soon!

If you are in the area and are curious how it is going, do come by.  Coffee is already available.  Just bring a good book and friends.

You can ask anyone from our team for the direction to the place.  

Why Treffpunkt?

The different translations of Treffpunkt.
We always get asked why the hostel is called "Treffpunkt" and here is why:

- Puerto Princesa City is definitely a hub, a starting point for your Palawan adventure, and definitely a meeting point.  We had quite a number of guests who found their travel buddies at the hostel.  It's a good source of information and tips that were shared by travelers themselves; and

- Kakay, the owner, finds the word "Treffpunkt" sexy.  She considers Germany as her second home mainly because of her German friends whom she considers family.

So, next time you are in town, come by or stay at Treffpunkt 5300 Hostel and give us the translation of Treffpunkt in your language.

Let's see the numbers

Treffpunkt 5300 Hostel opened more than half a year ago and we thought that it's interesting to see the numbers:
from 38 different countries


These are just some numbers we managed to crunch and they are looking good. 

Come stay with us and be counted!

Matamang salamat!

We would like to thank our Booking.com guests for their reviews especially their suggestions on how to further better our service.  

Our first six (6) months have been amazing -- we learned a lot and we made lots of friends from the volunteers and guests.  

This score is highly reflective of the staff and the volunteers!  Thanks for being there from the preparation of the hostel to its opening and until now!

We look forward to welcoming more guests, friends, and strangers who will later turn into friends!


Hey Jude!

Hi, I’m Hey Jude.  Yes, that's my full name and I’m the Treffpunkt 5300 Hostel pet.

I moved to the hostel during it's preparation phase. Arf! 

Around May 2016, wandering with another dog from the neighborhood, we passed by the hostel and the carpenters started feeding us.  After the carpenters left, I stayed.

I was for some time called "Hey".  It was always, "Hey, go out,"  or "Hey, you are not supposed to be here."  Even if I wasn't that openly welcomed to stay, the humans at the hostel still fed me --.  I’m the best choice they have to get rid of the extra food,. Arf!

After almost six months of trying to look cute and adorable, I got officially adopted!!!

Last 02 December, I visited the vet and finally got checked, vaccinated, and treated.  It was the first time I got my name written on a Pet Health Record card.

When you visit the hostel, I will be by the hostel door waiting for you to pet me. Arf!

Puerto Princesa City Tour

Regin and friends.
Thinking of exploring Puerto Princesa City? 

Here are some options:
  • commute to the different spots;
  • go for the trike tour (~600Php/3pax);
  • rent a motorbike (~350-~450/day); or 
  • go for a van tour (~500/pax).

Regin can give you a little glimpse on how they did their tour and how they've enjoyed it.  Read his article to have a little virtual tour.