Hey Jude!

Hi, I’m Hey Jude.  Yes, that's my full name and I’m the Treffpunkt 5300 Hostel pet.

I moved to the hostel during it's preparation phase. Arf! 

Around May 2016, wandering with another dog from the neighborhood, we passed by the hostel and the carpenters started feeding us.  After the carpenters left, I stayed.

I was for some time called "Hey".  It was always, "Hey, go out,"  or "Hey, you are not supposed to be here."  Even if I wasn't that openly welcomed to stay, the humans at the hostel still fed me --.  I’m the best choice they have to get rid of the extra food,. Arf!

After almost six months of trying to look cute and adorable, I got officially adopted!!!

Last 02 December, I visited the vet and finally got checked, vaccinated, and treated.  It was the first time I got my name written on a Pet Health Record card.

When you visit the hostel, I will be by the hostel door waiting for you to pet me. Arf!

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